Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Today - May 2, 2009 - Saturday

First digital scrapbook!
I think I'm going to
redo some of the journaling,
but for the most part,
it's dun!

Outside My Window...roses that Murray moved in February are blooming. He thought they would take off growing fast to cover the arbor, but they've decided to put their energy into blooming. Yay for blooms!

I am thinking...that I'm going to really love digital scrapbooking!

I am much I'm going to get done today. . . . I'm tempted to play on the computer, scrapping my little heart out.

I am thankful for....taking Shiloh for 3.5 miles walk yesterday. In the morning 2.5 - in the evening another 1 mile. He acts as though I'm trying to kill him!!!

From the kitchen...Plain yogurt+blueberries+banana+bee pollen+kale is the breakfast of champions! Love smoothies for breakfast during the spring/summer months. Not so good during cold weather. . . .

I am going...mop floors, take Shiloh out walking, pull weeds from one particular area & play w/scrapping.

I am nightgown.

I am reading...everything I can about digital scrapbooking.

I am continue to live almost pain-free. At least now the over the counter pan relief helps & I don't have to pull out the big guns.

I am hearing...little chirping birds & computer printer.

Around the house….Well the floors got swept & vacuumed yesterday, but not mopped. So - today I need to sweep again & mop. I really hate cleaning floors.

One of my favorite things...a productive day with a good balance of work & play.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...More weeding, walking & digtalizing! I know that's not a word . . . but who cares?

Something you may not know about me...I did not go back to bed yesterday and take a nap. I brought out the summer clothes & packed away the winter ones. For a while I could find my Miracle Suit. It's not really all that miraculous, but it is expensive & I was glad when it showed up . . . . All I have to do is give myself a pedicure & I'm ready for the beach!

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