Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Today - May 5, 2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window...the Confederate Jasmine is blooming. A lot!

Still two trees down from storm that came through early Sunday morning. Shingles are picked up & small branches & debris are taken care of but the trees are still awaiting attention. One is right outside LR window . . . the window I look out from that favorite corner of mine? It's gone. The birds are not happy. I put a feeder pole in the exact same place but of course they don't any good perching areas. Wah.

TV antenna is at 90 degree angle, almost touch the ground . . . perfect reception . . . . go figure!
I am thinking...that I need to hurry along & get much done today.

I am wondering...how much longer I can put up w/dial-up! Once today it longed on at 2.7 Kbs. . . . impossible to connect to ANYTHING!

I am thankful for....for no real damage to house, although one shed was blown apart & the chicken coop door was damaged. Oh - & the greenhouse: it would be flattened if it weren't for those wild roses holding it up! No joke.

From the kitchen...Bananas & no real plans for lunch nor supper.

I am going..to do many in-town errands & then go to WW meeting. Mary Anne is leading it, but it's inventory week & she's not an LC & Kathy can't do it by herself.

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants, t-shirt & sneakers.

I am reading...nada

I am hoping...to get all those little piddling things done before leaving.

I am hearing...birds 'cause the wild roses are still there & they don't care about the tree in the front being gone.

Around the house….Floors need sweeping. Again.

One of my favorite things...cheerfulness

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Library; Grocery shopping; Dollar store; WW. I already went to Good Sam; bank & met MLS to take him to work after he dropped his car off @ our most excellent mechanic. Quickie trip to bring Mama back home w/me!

Something you may not know about me...I really do like change.

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