Thursday, May 21, 2009

For Today - May 21, 2009 - Thursday

Good morning, Sunshine
A corner of my all-time favorite room.

Outside My's just beginning to get light outside. All is still & very quiet.

The part of the stone path that got torn out when the dream went down, is now back. Husband finished it last night.

I am thinking...that it's rather rude to only hear from someone when their kid graduates - or they're taking a mission trip, etc. Good grief!

I am wondering...why houses & land are selling so quickly in east TX! Who would have thunk it? Contracts on houses listed a couple of weeks ago & even backup contracts! I am wondering what is the deal?

I am thankful for....having scrapped a page yesterday & finished one other one.

From the

I am take Shiloh walking early this morning.

I am wearing...same as yesterday.

I am reading... if you can read a photo blog!

I am hoping...that God makes it abundantly clear to DD & her DH where He wants them to live.

I am hearing...& airplane & mockingbird. I think this is the first time I've ever written that about a plane . . . they fly over so seldom. The mockingbird is, apparently, an early riser!

Around the house….Sheets need changing; floor need sweeping; my bedroom needs tidying. Yep - the same as yesterday!

One of my favorite unhurried life.

My Have-Done List
...Yesterday I cleaned up an online photo account; edited some photos; took Shiloh for a walk; took photos of a herd of cattle while on walk; talked w/my mom, DD & BFF

I've practiced Geriatric psychology 101 for almost two weeks; started/completed family scrapbook page; finished I Do/I Forever Do page;
I've gone house-hunting w/DD; I've encouraged some folks; I've helped finance a very special teen's trip to Bible Camp; I've reunited w/a friend from long ago; I took the time to bring home a special lunch to share w/DH; I've researched a nearby assisted living facility; I practiced photography. Oh - & I helped save a tree, making the birds & myself very happy. This is important to me as our yard is certified & registered w/the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.

And I learned from my doctor friend that when the death certificate says cause of death is "Natural Cause", it means there was no murder nor suicide & they don't really know why they died.

Yes, I much prefer a "have-done" list than a "to-do" one.

Something you may not know about me...I read myself to sleep. Yep - I go to bed w/a book & fall asleep. Or else I stay up & watch TV, then fall asleep. This is not as good because I will wake up in the middle of the night & then have to go to bed. With a book. So I'll fall asleep.


  1. Yep I am "thinking" the same way that you are 'thinking'!!! How scary and I agree it is most rude.

    So things are hopping in East Texas for housing? Sounds like Amanda and David better make up their minds when they like something or someone else will scoop up the house.

    When are you guys leaving for Florida? Next week? Have a good weekend with the kids....

  2. oops I signed my name in the wrong place. Oh well.

  3. Nope - just me going to Florida - I leave a week from today . . .