Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Today - May 20, 2009 - Wednesday

This is to help her remember where
he's moving to. . . .

Outside My Window...the Confederate Jasmine is still blooming & lots of day lilies & roses, too. Cannas are beginning to bloom as well as the Sweet Almond. Weather is cool & sunny & we've had a very long spring this year & I love it!

After much time & work, Hubby & I replanted the downed Chaste Tree (vitex). We winced, & winced, & winced & I hauled off branches to the burn pile & the tree is upright & looks as if it's going to make it. It is rather ugly, because we had to cut out a lot of the canopy, but the birds are glad & so am I.

I am thinking...that now would be a good time to take Shiloh for a walk.

I am my new mission in life will pan out?

I am thankful for....the two of us. As much as I love company & family - it's nice it will be just the two of us for a couple of days. I also am thankful that DD & her DH will be here tomorrow or Friday!!!! Yay for house hunting!

From the

I am do less.

I am wearing...white capri pants & purple t-shirt. Yes - you read right - it's purple. It was on sale. A big reduction in price. And I wear it for a nightshirt, never in public as I really dislike purple!

I am reading...nada

I am relish every moment of today.

I am hearing...birds. Always birds. Always great pleasure.

Around the house….Sheets need changing; floor need sweeping; my bedroom needs tidying.

One of my favorite things...serendipity.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...No, no, no. This is going to change - I am TIRED of having a "to-do" list. . . .I am going to start concentrating on my "have-done" list (thank you Magpie Girl -

So what have I done, you ask? I've practiced Geriatric psychology 101 for almost two weeks;
I've gone house-hunting w/DD; I've encouraged some folks; I've helped finance a very special teen's trip to Bible Camp; I've reunited w/a friend from long ago; I took the time to bring home a special lunch to share w/DH; I've researched a nearby assisted living facility; I practiced photography. Oh - & I helped save a tree, making the birds & myself very happy. This is important to me as our yard is certified & registered w/the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.

And I learned from my doctor friend that when the death certificate says cause of death is "Natural Cause", it means there was no murder nor suicide & they don't really know why they died.

Yes, I much prefer a "have-done" list than a "to-do" one.

Something you may not know about me...I really don't care what others think of long as I live honorably & true to myself & my calling, it matters not what others think. Not in the least.

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