Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Today - May 26, 2009 - Tuesday

A beautiful east TX sunset

Outside My Window...it's sunny & warm.

I am thinking...that a lot of people confuse Memorial Day & Veterans' Day.

I am wondering...what to do next.

From the kitchen...coffee, scrambled egg sandwich & a kiwi.

I am going...to start packing.

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants w/a hot pink tank top & walking shoes.

I am reading...nada

I am hoping...my new haircut will be easy to maintain. And of course, look good!

I am hearing...a tractor in the distance.

Around the house….laundry, suitcase, & stuff for Debby.

One of my favorite things...a short, no maintenance hair cut.

My Have-Done List...a lot of photo restoring. A lot. In spite of hours & hours on the computer I did take the time to make meals for hubby & me.

Called Christiy. Prayed/praying for Christiy's surgery. Called Mama. Prayed for Christy some more.

Offered to help scrapbook BFF's heritage photos while I'm there.

Accidentally deleted gobs of photos from my hard drive; have recovered most of them & put on external hard drive; scrapped photos of youngest grandson chasing chickens on May 9, 2009; called mama . . . .

Something you may not know about me... it appears that after several years of my hair being straight - the curl has decided to come back!

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