Saturday, May 23, 2009

For Today - May 23, 2009 - Saturday

Outside My's cloudy. Flowers in bloom: Lantana; lots of different roses; Easter lilies (they never bloom at Easter) & they 're no longer outside my window as I cut the almost dozen blooms & brought them inside; Butterfly Bush (Buddlia); Black-Eye Susans; Milkweed (a larva food for Monarch butterflies); Crinums; several different colors of day lilies; Cannas (including the little orchid one) geraniums; petunias; pink yarrow, white yarrow . . .

I am thinking...that I stayed up too late, watching "Friends" w/DH, DD & DSIL.

I am wondering...which house DD & DSIL will end up buying.

I am thankful for....having scrapped a page yesterday about a painful time in son's life. The "Library of Memories" wouldn't be complete if only happy, joyous stories were told. Some of the painful ones & especially the average & ordinary daily ones need telling too.

From the kitchen...Cinnamon coffee & hopes of fresh, homemade blueberry pancakes.

I am scrap my two favorite 2008 Christmas photos.

I am wearing...white capri pants & black 3/4 sleeve t-shirt.

I am stuff.

I am hoping...I don't accidentally remove some photos from hard drive.

I am hearing...birds chirping & Shiloh snoring.

Around the house….it's a quiet Saturday morning.

One of my favorite things...a quiet, lazy Saturday morning.

My Have-Done List
... Scrapped two more pages; went house hunting w/daughter & her hubby; took kiddos to little restaurant in town. Normally our little town shuts down at 5 PM - but there's one little cafe that has really good food that stays open Friday until 8 PM & opens again Sunday 11 - 2 :)

Oh - and refilled one of my mom's prescriptions that's suppose to be ready Sunday, so hopefully she can get it on Monday.

Yesterday I cleaned up an online photo account; edited some photos; took Shiloh for a walk; took photos of a herd of cattle while on walk; talked w/my mom, DD & BFF

I've practiced Geriatric psychology 101 for almost two weeks; started/completed family scrapbook page; finished I Do/I Forever Do page;
I've gone house-hunting w/DD; I've encouraged some folks; I've helped finance a very special teen's trip to Bible Camp; I've reunited w/a friend from long ago; I took the time to bring home a special lunch to share w/DH; I've researched a nearby assisted living facility; I practiced photography. Oh - & I helped save a tree, making the birds & myself very happy. This is important to me as our yard is certified & registered w/the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.

And I learned from my doctor friend that when the death certificate says cause of death is "Natural Cause", it means there was no murder nor suicide & they don't really know why they died.

Yes, I much prefer a "have-done" list than a "to-do" one.

Something you may not know about me...I am majorly cleaning off the computer's hard drive - moving my 1,000's of photos to external hard drive. I'm taking it slowly, as I want to be sure I'm not deleting the wrong files!!!

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