Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catch Up

July 4, 2008: Shiloh made his first major trip to the Republican Club's Independence Day picnic at Love's Lookout in Jacksonville. He very nicely got into the van when told we were going bye bye. This is a major accomplishment!!!! Training is going very well, indeed!

Once there, he was charming and quite a magnet, attracting attention from people of all ages! Adults & children loved on him & he was quite content & not at all alarmed by people making a fuss over him. I have to admit, though, that he didn't always heel while among so many distractions. He still needs lots of training.

Back home for the evening, he remained calm during nearby fireworks. He is a good dog & I believe will some day be a great dog. Funny thing - my kids apparently think we're rather wonky for being so in love with him!

July 5, 2008: We left in the morning for Greenville for Murray's cousin's son's wedding. Prior to the wedding, we met w/a great number of relatives for lunch. It was good to see so many of them again. Murray's aunt & uncle are such dears, although I'm not certain his aunt remembered or recognized me. But she obviously knew that I (& all the others) love her & she did lots of smiling & talking. Uncle is positively charming & so high tech for being 80 years old!

One of Murray's cousin's looks pretty much the same as she did 20 years ago. How does she do it? One looks so much more relaxed & less stressed than 3 years ago when we last saw her. Another looked just as radiant as always. A couple of husband's siblings were there & it was good to see them again. It's been too long.

Parents of the groom were delightful, being full of grace & smiles. And the bride & groom were a joy! This wedding is my 2nd favorite, Amanda's being my all-time most favorite of all! And speaking of Amanda - how good to see her & David again! I never get enough of them!

One very big disappointment is that not very many of my photos turned out well. I HATE using the built-in flash, so I shot w/o it in very dim lighting. I guess it's time to add an external flash to my wish list.

Anyway - we got home about 1 AM and Shiloh was so very anxious to see us, having been crated for 15+ hours! And guess what! He was dry, with no messes! Super uber bladder & bowels! I think he's going to work out just great!

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