Monday, July 21, 2008

For Today; July 21, 2008

Outside my window...sunshine, heat, humidity & birds splashing in the bird bath

I am thinking…I need to get back into my daily routine. I spent most of yesterday making the Start Here/Start Again cup & beginning to organize approximately 6000 photos! Yikes!

I am thankful for…my dear husband who let me have a real day of rest yesterday!

From the kitchen…not too much. Murray is gone to work already & I'm drinking reheated coffee from yesterday. I know a lot of people can't fathom doing such a thing, but I truly am my grandpa's grand daughter!

Grandpa would make strong coffee in an aluminum coffee pot. Whatever was leftover, he put into the old Philco refrigerator - still in the aluminum pot! The back of the refrigerator was really cold & the coffee would freeze! The next morning, he'd put the pot on the stove, bring the coffee to a boil & enjoy it all over again! You gotta' admit it - I'm not that bad!

I am creating…a life I love!

I am going…to do laundry, clean house, water plants, play w/Shiloh,

I am wearing...nightshirt

I am reading…"Photo Freedom" by Stacy Julian for the 4th time and just finished reading "The Big Picture", also by Stacy Julian.

I am hoping…to get a lot done today.

I am hearing…A/C & ceiling fan humming (hey it's summer in TX & we ALL hear it); clock ticking.

Around the house…cleaning & unpacking & playing w/Shiloh

One of my favorite things…an unscheduled day!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Rearranging some of the house. Sorting through my current ginormous crop of photos; WW preps & meetings; wedding gift shopping for Cayla & Bobby.

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