Sunday, July 20, 2008

For Today; July 20, 2008

Outside my window...sunshine, heat, humidity & birds

I am thinking…that my mom may have the makings of a "modern" woman. We came across a quilt top she made. I didn't know she ever pieced a quilt top. I knew her two sisters & my paternal grandmother as the family's quilters, but here was a quilt top made by her, stashed away in the cedar chest. It's done in the Tumbling Block pattern, but the fabric choices are such that you really can't tell they're "tumbling". It's very bold, bright, modern & abstract looking. I can't wait to see it quilted!

It makes me wonder about her. Dining furniture is very modern. Put that w/the quilt top & the fact she worked in a munition plant during The War...and other little tidbits we're unearthing... & it makes me wonder if there's always been a "modern" woman beneath the "June Cleaver" exterior? Don't get me wrong - I'm SURE she loved being a wife, mom & homemaker. But I'm thinking of asking her what her second choice might have been!

I am thankful for…my dear husband who fixed supper for me last night AFTER he unloaded the van!

From the kitchen…the dishwasher humming

I am creating…a "Start Here/Start Again" cup. I will write the following phrases on the end of Popsicle sticks: "All About Us"; "People We Love"; "Places We Go"; "Things We Do"; "Storage Albums"; "Theme Albums/Materials File"; "Photos I Love"; "Family Words File"; "Cultural Memorabilia Box:; "Digital Triage". When I have 15 minutes to spend scrapbooking & I have no idea where to start, I'll just turn to my "Start Here/Start Again" cup for some creative direction.

I am going…to stay home today

I am wearing...peach colored jammies.

I am reading…No, I'm not through with the "Taming Stress" & "Boundaries"books, but I'm not exactly reading them either! I'm going through "Photo Freedom" by Stacy Julian for the 4th time and am almost through reading "The Big Picture" by Stacy. I am getting so inspired to scrapbook my life and a whole lot more!

I am hoping…to spend most of the day piddling.

I am hearing…A/C & ceiling fan humming (hey it's summer in TX & we ALL hear it); clock ticking.

Around the house…cleaning & unpacking & playing w/Shiloh

One of my favorite things…good memories

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Rearranging some of the house. Sorting through my current ginormous crop of photos; WW preps & meetings.

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