Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Today; July 3, 2008

Outside my window...darkness, as it's still very early in the morning & the sun is not yet up

I am thinking…that my parents may need to go to an assisted living facility. At ages 87 & 91, it's just too hard for them to continue to live on their own. And of course it's hard for them to leave their home of 60+ years and move into a facility. Either decision, stay or move, is hard. I'm praying for them. And for the rest of us, too

I am thankful for…Charlotte doing the leg work, finding out about VA benefits & Hearthstone availabilities, etc.

From the kitchen…not much . . . just coffee aromas

I am creating…a busy day . . . nothing else . . . just busy-ness

I am going… wedding gift shopping, hair cut/color, work in Palestine, walking & working w/Shiloh. (edited 9:38 AM) Am NOT going to Tyler as hair appt is next Thursday. Will stay home and gather some needed information regarding parents. Still busy - but at least at home!

I am linen-type slacks w/orange tank top, bare feet

I am reading…30 Days to Taming Your Stress; "Boundaries: When to Say YES, When to Say NO, To Take Control of Your Life", by Henry Cloud & John Townsend; & Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian

I am hoping…to enjoy the busy day. I prefer not being busy. I prefer staying home. I prefer staying home and being domestic ; ) I don't like "going" & "busy-ness". So this is a big hope for me!

I am hearing…a/c humming & clock ticking & Shiloh snoring

Around the house…Photos still calling my name, asking me to please remove them from their chronological prisons.

One of my favorite things…spontaneity, creativity, peacefulness, being aware of the presence of God in my life & activities. Yeah - I know - that's more than one!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… working with Shiloh. Working Thursday; Haircut/color Thursday & some shopping while in Tyler; 4th of July festivities at Love's Lookout; Nathanial's wedding on Saturday.

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