Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Today; July 26, 2008

Outside my window...sparrows chirping in the monstrous rose bush. They are quiet chatty this afternoon!

I am thinking…that Judy should soon be here.

I am thankful for…those chirping birds! And the wind chimes! And the A/C!

From the kitchen…steaks & shrimp thawing for this evening's meal.

I am creating…a home with less "stuff" that I really, really love!

I am going…continue sorting through those 6,000 photos!

I am wearing...white shorts, black top, walking shoes.

I am reading…through the Bible in a year. Actually am a bit behind, so it'll be more like 13 months.

I am hoping…enjoy the rest of the day & get caught up on laundry.

I am hearing…besides the chirping sparrows outside, the Chimney Sifts from the living room. Years ago the CS took over the (what else) chimney. Since we live in TX, there is no real need for a fireplace. And we so enjoy the birds. They nest in the chimney all through the summer & take off before winter. We decided years ago to just board up the chimney and enjoy the birds! Soooo - there's a mirror in the back & kerosene lamps/candles in front of that, and when we want a romantic fire, we make do with that. And listen to the birds!!

Around the house…Order! I'm through in the LR & the sweeping/vacuuming is done. Smells good too!

One of my favorite things…the baby name book I found while going through my parents' things. It's a itty bitty book, given to my mom by Dr. Dittman. On the last page, in her handwriting, are these names, in this order: Vera Mae, Irene, Linda Sue, Susan, Patricia Ann. In the book itself, she double checked "Vera", which means Faithful. She did the same for "Mae", and it's definition of Maiden. So I guess my mom wanted a daughter who would become a Faithful Maiden. Sounds exactly the same desires of my heavenly Father. No, I haven't always been faithful . . . but by God's grace am growing into the definition of my name.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Relax, visit w/Judy, work on photos. Amanda & David aren't coming, as her back is giving her a great deal of trouble. I think it's the first time I've ever told one of my children that I think it's best for them not to come. I'm always ready for a visit from my kids! But the car ride is just not worth it. Hopefully a weekend of rest will give great results!

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