Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9, 2008

Outside my window...darkness.

I am thinking…that grandson Jesse favors his great grandpa when he's really concentrating. I'm thinking it's fun to see those similarities & how I hope to capture soon with my camera.

I am thankful for…home.

From the kitchen…hubby's wonderful guacamole!

I am creating…plans and more plans.

I am going…to bed soon.

I am wearing...white shorts, brown top.

I am reading…Boundaries.

I am hoping…to have a tasty supper, bubbly shower & bed.

I am hearing…clock ticking, wind chime, & a/c. It's 8:42 pm and all is relatively quiet.

Around the house…a bit of a mess, as I've brought home furniture & some stuff from my parent's kitchen. I'm a bit of a kitchen hoarder. And office supples, too. Fortunately they don't have any cool office supplies or gadgets.

One of my favorite things…the thought that what my oldest son first mentioned wanting from his grandparents is my dad's library card! We are a family of readers & my dad was a very avid one until his vision got too bad to read. He used to take eldest son to the library and let him check out any book he wanted. It warms my heart that my son wants the library card. I will certainly want to take a picture of it and scrapbook the memory!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…find an ophthalmologist for my dad, make appointment, transfer medical records, finish up Good Samaritan paperwork, prepare for WW meeting, sort through my own stash of photos before bringing home some from my parents.

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  1. We are a family of readers - and the tradition continues with your wonderful grandchildren!!

    I'm glad you're home - get some rest and enjoy the quiet!