Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today; August 14, 2008

Outside my window...fog lifting off the pond

I am thinking…that I've had a GREAT life & I can't wait to scrapbook the stories! I'm also thinking how frustrating it is that WW online account keeps telling me I'm "disabled" & won't let me order!

I am thankful for…Charlotte taking my dad to the ophthalmologist! The traffic is horrible! I owe you, Charlotte!

From the kitchen…dishwasher humming & sinks backed up! :( We had 6" of rain in about 15 hours & decided to wash clothes & run dishwasher at the same time . . . for the 1st time in almost 12 years the sinks are backed up!

I am creating…a very wonderful way of organizing photos. What fun to see similarities between people & not be in bondage to chronological order!

I am going…to finish washing clothes, set out Amanda's things for David to pick up on Saturday, tidy house & pack.

I am wearing...peachy colored pajamas. Don't ask me why I like peach, but not pink 'cause I don't know the answer to that one!

I am reading…my Bible. Hoped to read it through in a year, but at this rate will be 13 or 14 months.

I am hoping…to give myself a pedicure!

I am hearing…birds chirping, clock ticking, dishwasher running & Shiloh snoring.

Around the house…laundry getting done!

One of my favorite things…memories. I hope I never lose my ability to remember people, places & things. Especially people. I came across a photo of Murray & his Aunt Jean from 1999. The love in their eyes for one another is so touching. We saw her last month & she doesn't remember him. Oh - she knows that he loves her - but probably only because someone told her. I hope I always remember the people I love. I can't imagine going through life without that connectedness.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…oops - already mentioned them: laundry, housework, pack & tomorrow head back to Houston.

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