Monday, August 25, 2008

For Today; August 25, 2008

Outside my window...Oh you know the answer to that one: heat & humidity.

I am thinking…My life is pure gold.

I am be able to snuggle w/hubby.

From the kitchen…Cinnamon Swirl coffee.

I am creating…order, order, order in the house.

I am going…to spend time in each room - making order.

I am wearing...peach/apricot/cantaloupe/persimmon (you take your pick) colored pajamas.

I am reading…continuing through the Bible - still in Isaiah.

I am hoping…to tie wisdom around my neck.

I am hearing…Willie Nelson's "Standard Time", specifically, "What a Wonderful World". Oh - and the A/C & ceiling fan humming, too!

Around the house…a bit here & a bit there . . .

One of my favorite things…snuggling

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…WW, of course; going through stuff to maybe take back to Houston; preparing for next weekend.

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I'm addicted to office supplies.

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