Monday, September 1, 2008

For Today; September 1, 2008

Outside my window: Weedeater humming as Murray attempts to win the war against grass & weeds. We've had 15" of rain the last 20 days and another 10-15" predicted this week. We are losing the war on vegetation.

I am thinking: I need to vacuum; clean; do laundry; cook up food; etc., in preparation for Gustav.

I am thankful: We made it home w/o incident. There was heavier traffic than usual. Lots of Louisiana license plates. But nothing close to causing a panic attack!

And - I'm thankful the mower repairman is willing to come to the house on Labor Day. The riding mower quit working & the property is WAY to huge to mow w/a push mower!

From the kitchen: Coffee, eggs cooking, shrimp thawing.

I am creating: plans for living w/o electricity. 3 years ago, when Hurricane Rita came through, we were 5 days w/o electricity. No fun in an all electric home. The only really bad thing was living w/o air conditioning. I love the air conditioner.

I am going: to cook up food, get flashlights handy, etc. And plan a WW meeting.

I am wearing: cool clothes.

I am reading: "Boundaries"

I am hoping: we don't lose electricity.

Around the house: Busy-ness.

One of my favorite things: Hearing the a/c hum!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: WW prep & meeting; gong to Shreveport. What on earth will that be like? They've taken in 10,000 evacuees!

Something you may not know about me: I like starting new things, but not always finishing them. I like the excitement of the newness.

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