Friday, September 12, 2008

For Today - September 12, 2008 - Friday

Outside My Windowhumidity & lots of busy-ness in town as people pass through, evacuating north because of Ike.

I am thinkinghow I hope & pray our electricity stays on. I'm not afraid of wind nor rain but am so dependent on electricity! And we lose it so very, very easily...the main drawback of living in a rural area.

I am thankful formy hubby going out at 4:30 AM to fill up the van.

From the kitchenscrambled eggs w/grilled veggies, toast & jam. And coffee.

I am wearingshiny turquoise nightshirt

I am creatingmore photo organization than I've ever had!

I am goingto Jacksonville to pick up coop produce. Must, must take back roads, as traffic heading north on 69 is already a nightmare. Yay for Rusk, as they already reconfigured the one & only red light in town to stay green for longer period of time for south/north traffic. But still, traffic is much heavier than usual for a town of 5,000.

I am reading "Boundaries" & the Bible. Finally am in Jeremiah!

I am hopingthat Ike does not come through east TX as fosrecasted.

I am hearingTV in background, fan whirring, hubby in kitchen.

Around the houseeverything getting done to be prepared to live w/o electricity. When Rita came through we were w/o it for 5 days!

One of my favorite things…no traffic; no drama; no hurricane

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Well, I'm guessing Amanda is NOT coming this weekend as planned! Mainly to hunker down here at home: watch TV as long as we have electricity; play backgammon; go to bed early; maybe put extra photos into the binders. I have finally completed sorting them & categorizing the ones I hope to scrap. The ones w/no particular plans no go into a binder, in case I need them as extras in telling the stories. After a couple of years they'll be moved to cold storage.

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