Friday, September 26, 2008

ForToday - September 26, 2008 - Friday

OK - time to get back to daily journaling. Much has happened since the last entry. Mainly Ike. Mainly Murray having a herniated disk. Mainly going to Florida!

Outside My Windowcoolness, blessed coolness. It seems as if autumn might really be here!

I am thinkingthat it would be fun to do something like this:

I am thankful forMurray going to the doctor & getting a shot & a bunch of meds. Doc thinks it may be herniated disk, but because it's a worker's comp claim has to wait 2 weeks before requesting an MRI. Maybe he should have gone sooner? Maybe he would have had more fun in Florida if he had!

From the kitchenCoffee & the promises of breakfast

I am wearingThat comfy chenille robe.

I am creating a new layout for picture of Amanda & her Grandma S.

I am goingto get my rear in gear, as the saying goes. Also may call Kitty if I can't get in touch with Kevin, as I haven't heard from him in abut 6 weeks.

I am reading The Bible & am almost through with Jeremiah! Am encouraged how it's really hard for someone to go to hell. God is always pursuing . . . always loving . . . always so stubbornly in love with us & wooing us.

I am hopingto go walking before it gets hot.

I am hearingShiloh grooming himself ; )...ceiling fan...sparrows in the roses.

Around the houseMuch yard work needing to be done...a much needed deep cleaning...maybe more like much needed deep de-cluttering.

One of my favorite thingsthe awareness of God in my often I forget that this life is "just a test"...there is a higher purpose to what happens to me...I often tend to forget that & get frustrated by "my" plans being derailed...I think that's why people go searching for money, fame, weird religions, etc...they've moved away from God & don't feel/experience His presence...Yep - one of my favorite things is being aware of God with me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...a bit of yard work...that scrapbook page of Amanda...WW staff meeting tomorrow...taking Kwabena to church with us on Sunday...meeting with Lexa about subbing her childrens' Sunday School class.

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