Monday, September 8, 2008

For Today - September 8, 2008 - Monday

I am hearing: Ceiling fan humming, clock ticking, TV & washing machine in background.

I am thankful: for a decent night's sleep.

From the kitchen: Vanilla Coffee, Grapenut Cereal/ff milk/sliced banana

I am creating: plans for today & this week. Haircut in Tyler at 8 AM tomorrow. A GS Board meeting. WW prep & meeting.

I am going: finish unpacking the suitcases & all those photos! I got lots sorted, but the ones w/no plans to scrapbook did not get put into binders. Still much work to do. Fortunately it's work I very much enjoy.

I am wearing: That pitiful chenille robe.

I am reading: "Boundaries" & Isaiah. Read Boundaries aloud on the way here. Am on the chapter that deals w/boundaries & one's spouse.

I am hoping: to get a lot done.

Amanda can come this week for a visit!!!

And since the weather is so gorgeous to go walking. Up the hill. Fergie said her main exercise is setting the treadmill to an incline of 15 and walk slowly: 2.5. The hill right outside should have an incline close to 15!

Around the house: Things waiting for me to tend to them.

One of my favorite things: Boiled shrimp. Grilled onions. Egg Drop Soup. Melon. Chocolate. And I ate them all at one meal while in Shreveport. All my favorites. At one meal. Wonderful!

A few plans for the rest of the week: GS treasurer report. Photo sorting.

Something you may not know about me: I'm suppose to go to Florida next Tuesday. First to Houston w/Gustav possibly making landfall nearby. Now Florida, w/Ike possibly landing there. Or will it make landfall near Houston? Maybe I've become a storm chaser? Maybe that's something I don't know about me?!

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