Saturday, September 6, 2008

For Today - September 6, 2008 - Saturday

Outside my window: People walking by as I'm in the business center at the Hilton in Shreveport, La.

I am hearing: Casting Crowns "Who Am I"! Who would've guess they'd have CC piped into the business center????

I am thankful: to have the time to rest & go through photos. Yes, I brought the majority of 6,000 photos w/me to sort through, the "Photo Freedom" way! What fun to watch TV & have all the photos spread out. It's a lovely set-up - lots of counter space, etc. And the mess is here - not at home! ; )

From the kitchen: Oops - not kitchen, but Murray did bring me a fruit plate & yogurt from the show. He's here on business & the convention center is right next door, so he popped back in w/b'fast for me. What a wonderful surprise!

I am creating: photo organization that makes sense to me. Like I've said before, I don't think chronologically when I see a photo - I think of the even, the memory, the characteristics & comparisons I see between people.

I am going: back upstairs. I went to the Boardwalk - no <$4 pants this time . . . had to spend $9.99. But I got a great pair of lined, linen pants for $10 & I'm satisfied. I am wearing: Short & tee-shirt. The weather is fantastic!

I am reading: "Boundaries" & Isaiah. Read Boundaries aloud on the way here. Am on the chapter that deals w/boundaries and family members.

I am hoping: to make good progress on pics.

Around the house: Well, for today, my house is the hotel room & I hve to admit it's nice knowing someone else is in charge of cleaning!

One of my favorite things: Mild weather & low humidity!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Like I already said, photo sorting, walking, shopping, sleeping.

Something you may not know about me: I prefer to shower in hard water than soft water. First thing I noticed while in tub is how "clean" I felt. Rusk water is extremely, very soft, which saves on soap, as a little goes a long way . . . but skin & hair feel/look better w/harder water.

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