Monday, September 22, 2008

Musing About Ike - Part II

We had a generator this time around. It sure makes a big difference to be able to have some semblance of order. And the temperatures were very mild . . . unlike Rita, when it was 102 the day before she hit. Definitely the mild temps made it all very bearable.

My parents lost electricity at the assisted living least in the apartments. The public rooms were on a generator and had power. Some seniors from Texas City were brought in. I was
disappointed to hear how some of the residents complained about the inconvenience of having mattresses in the hallways & breakfast being served a little later than usual because of the 50 extra folks there.

Momma & daddy did very well & I'm so proud of how they conducted themselves with dignity and gentleness. They demonstrated right well, the qualities of "the greatest generation ever". Some of the others behaved as spoiled little teeny-boppers. Was surprised to hear of it.

Went to Orlando. IAH was opened on Tuesday and we just went to Florida. We had already made plans to be there that week, but was fun talking of evacuating TO Florida. Had a great time in spite of dh having a very bad hip problem. Codeine & brandy kept him pleasant.
Will go to doctor tomorrow or Wednesday.

A week later and the streets are cleared. At one time the majority of roads in Cherokee County were impassable. No one waited for the government to show up. One thing you can say about Texans - we know how and when to use a chainsaw! Folks just went out into the streets and made a clearing for the utility trucks to come through when possible. Of course no one attempted to cut trees out of the power lines.

We went out Sunday morning to survey the local damage. There were approximately 100 trees blown down from our house to the end of the block - about .8 mile. US Hwy 69 had trees down on it & horses on the loose, from nearby ranches whose fences were down.

It brought tears to my eyes to see right here in our itty bitty town, about 12 tree removal trucks from West Des Moines, Iowa. How on earth did they ever hear about us? God bless them all.

For the most part, people have been behaving themselves.

Nephew's apartment in Seabrook/Kemah area is gone. Gone. Totally gone.

Brother had water in his garage & a bit into house.

Parents home, which we've not yet sold, has branches down. Still no electricity there. Yard was a mess, but brother and his wife did a good job of cleaning it up. No flooding. Ought to be a selling point when we put it on the market.

OK - gotta' finish cleaning up house. We left it a bit of a mess when
we headed out to Florida.

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