Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Today; September 4, 2008

Outside my window: Cool, cloudy weather. Will be perfect as soon as the clouds burn off.

I am thinking: that the GOP Vice President Nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, made a darn good impression last night at the RNC. She countered all the concerns from the Democrats & showed she's no shrinking violet. Go Sarah!

I am thankful: the weather is cooling. Yes, it's partly because of Gustav . . . but next week's forecast has promise of a little bit of autumn. I love the changing seasons . . . but most favorite of all is autumn. It's a better time to garden here in TX, we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. And why is it my favorite? Because the focus is on gratefulness & there's no burden of finding the perfect gift for someone. No arguing about what it's really about. The only real negative thing is the day after sales. Oh my - it's quite contrary to the day before of focusing on all we have to be thankful for! But I never go out into the madness anyway so it doesn't really effect me.

From the kitchen: Stuff piled on the counter.

I am creating: not too much creativity today. Just a rather average, ordinary day. I "will" sort through photos as friend Debby wants a relatively current pic of the two of us. Hmmm - will it be from Amanda's wedding? Or the two of us in life vests on the cruise? Or her 50th b'day party? Well, I'll look, find & have them when we meet in Florida in a couple of weeks.

I am going: to sort through photos, pay bills, work in Palestine tonight.

I am wearing: capris & t-shirt

I am reading: "Boundaries" & Isaiah.

I am hoping: to be ready to leave town tomorrow for Shreveport.

Around the house: The same as yesterday: mainly little evidences of people living, loving & creating!

One of my favorite things: organization & simplicity, although you couldn't really tell by looking in my closet, drawers & laundry/sewing/storage/library!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting ready for Shreveport.

Something you may not know about me: Although terrified of snakes, I'm not afraid of insects. I don't particularly like some of them . . . but I'm not afraid of any of them, and actually like most of them!

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