Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Today - April 12, 2009 - Easter Sunday

Outside My Window...a prediction of rain. The roses are blooming. And the irises. Tomatoes, basil & peppers are in the ground. American Goldfinches, cardinals, redwing blackbirds, chickadees & house wrens have all discovered the feeder stays full . . . the 1st hummingbirds showed up last Monday, I think in anticipation of the week's festivities!

I am thinking...I am blessed among women. Yesterday' birthday celebration was wonderful! All my kiddos and grandkids were here. Of course not ALL my family was here . . . but nonetheless it was a special day.

I am wondering...when I'll get caught up on my sleep!

I am thankful birthday celebration. It's been a LONG time since all 3 of my children have been here & the same time.

Friday (the actual birth day) I roasted a chicken & heated up a lasagna I made last week in anticipation of my daughter & SIL's arrival. We stayed up late playing Hearts & visiting with a young friend who will soon be moving to California. SS brought his bird, Buddy. I really need to post a photo of AME with Buddy on her shoulder. She does NOT like/care for birds at all. That's why she doesn't get the cool spot in the new living room to sit in . . . she doesn't appreciate watching them at the feeder. That's only for the folks who enjoy watching the antics of the birds.

Anyway - we stayed up late - I woke up early Saturday to FINALLY burn a Christmas photo CD for eldest son.

Other than being with so many of my favorite people in the whole world, what made yesterday so wonderful was the fact I didn't have to do any of the meal prep. I got to sit & visit & only answer a few questions from time to time about the location of some kitchen item . . . but I didn't even make tea . . . it was all taken care of by others. A great, great birthday gift indeed! PLUS - ribeyes are always a hit with me! :)

Thanks AME for organizing the get together.

From the kitchen...Pot-Roasted Brisket by Arthur Schwartz' "Jewish Home Cooking". You use a whole brisket & half it's weight in onions to make a savory dish. I'll let you know how it turns out.

And hazelnut coffe..

I am for sure take a nap today. I've gone to bed late & awakened early for too many days/nights. Naptime will be good, especially if it rains. And they're prediciting rain, 90% chance . . . we'll see.

I am slippers, capri pants & tee-shirt.

I am reading...Nothing right now. I watched "Matthew" last night. Bruce Marchiano is my favorite Jesus actor of all time. So winsome. . . so calm . . . even when flipping tables in the Temple, anger under control. I like that.

I am brisket will be done on time.

I am hearing...birds chirping, wind blowing, dishwasher humming, tummy growling. I ate so much for lunch yesterday I wasn't hungry for supper & didn't eat any. I'll need to eat breakfast soon.

Around the house….Relative quietness & stillness as it's only MLS & T&C here.

One of my favorite things...Family . . . family. . . .

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Church. Lunch. Yardwork. Still lots to do, although KMS' birthday gift to me was lots of yard work. Since "acts of service" & "words of affirmation" are my top two love languages, it was a great gift.

Something you may not know about me...My grandson died on this day several years ago. Because of Easter, I have the hope of seeing Jude again. Thank you, Lord.

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