Monday, April 20, 2009

For Today - April 20, 2009 - Mondahy

Threatening skies!
Taken 4/11/09

Outside My & sunny. Predicted high is mid 70's.

I am thinking...I'll get lots of exercise letting AME's dogs in & out. ;) They love being here. . . & love the freedom to wander about outdoors. Tansy stayed out for 2 1/2 hours yesterday and did NOT go swimming! Yay!

I am much I'll actually get done today.

I am thankful for....A&D making it safely to Conway.

From the kitchen...Plain FF yogurt + 1 banana + handful of strawberries + two kale leaves. Yummy breakfast for 2 points. Funny thing is I do not like banana/strawberry anything! But I like this. I'm guessing it's banana flavoring I really don't like . . .

I am try to do some more weed-pulling, if it's not too wet outside.

I am wearing...flannel pajamas.

I am reading...more Bible.

I am figure out a walking routine w/the dogs. Promise is very arthritic & can't walk as fast nor as far as Shiloh & Tansy. I think I'll take her first . . . walking slowly & not very far. Hopefully she'll be happy to have been first & won't mind me taking the other two for a faster & longer walk.

I am hearing...a few birds & dogs barking outside.

Around the house….Doors are once gain open & dogs are going in and out. In and out.

One of my favorite in the morning.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Yard work. Select & print photos for HUGE photo collage on wall behind couch. Write thank you notes. Yes - it's remarkably the same as last week. I didn't get much done on this list!

Something you may not know about me...that as happy as I am to babysit AME's dogs, I'm glad I don't have 3 big dogs of my own.

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