Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Today - April 16, 2009 - Thrusday

View from kitchen den. Climbing Old Blush
red clover
& coreopsis in distant field

Outside My Window...a Red Tailed Hawk sitting on top of the chicken coop. That's why there's poultry netting across the top --- to keep out the varmints!

I am thinking...I want to quickly zip through household chores & go play in the dirt.

I am wondering...if hubby stays in town today & will be home for lunch. That's the best!

I am thankful for.... that hawk being unable to get into the chicken yard!

From the kitchen...roasting pan waiting to be put away. I seldom use it & need a stepstool to get it back where it belongs.

I am call mama in a little while.

I am wearing...white capri pants, t-shirt & sox.

I am reading...more Bible verses. I have much to learn. Even more to apply.

I am have a productive day. Working outside, as pleasant as it is, wears me out!!! I'm like a little kid who plays outside all day, comes in for dinner, takes a bath & is out like a light!

I am hearing...are you tired of hearing about the birds? Well, I'm not! And here they are - chirping as usual.

Around the house….Doors & windows are still open. And it's still pure delight to me. How wonderful to sleep with a slight breeze blowing. Quite heavenly.

One of my favorite waiting to eat supper & having hubby bring home some of that catfish I wrote about yesterday. Yummy!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Yard work. Select & print photos for HUGE photo collage on wall behind couch. Write thank you notes.

Something you may not know about me...I like going out to eat & to the movies by myself. Of course not all the time. Not even the majority of the time. But ever now & then it's nice to be by myself.

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