Monday, April 6, 2009

For Today - April 6, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window...At 5 AM it's cold, dark & WINDY!

The Japanese Irises are still blooming. FINALLY. We've had them for YEARS and this is the first time they've bloomed. They like to be REALLY, really wet.

I am thinking...I'm not going to use valances either! We live in the country & usually leave the blinds open. The house isn't big (but big enough) & the valances just cut the room & cut out some of the views & are unnecessary.

I am wondering...if the cold weather will be done & over with this week? Tomorrow's low is suppose to be in the 20's!

I am thankful for....king-sized bed skirt. DD gave me bed-risers so I can hide WW "stuff" beneath the bed. They work wonderfully well, but then you could see these really ugly risers. While out on Saturday I bought a king-sized bed skirt for the queen-sized bed. It works! No more stuff peeking out from beneath the bed! Yay for generous daughter, bed risers AND over-sized skirts!

From the kitchen...lasagna sauce simmering on the stove. Youngest son was vegetarian for more than five years. He now is a carnivore & requested lasagna.

And French Vanilla Coffee. Wouldn't be up this early without coffee or Earl Grey tea. This morning it's coffee.

I am fold laundry & make omelets for breakfast.

I am wearing...flannel pajamas.

I am reading... Falling In Love With the Bible by Mike MacIntosh & For Instruction in Righteousness by Pam Forester. We used this to help build character in our younger children. I thought it's time to reread it.

I am finish putting the new dining room together. It's still mostly undone.

I am hearing...heater humming & wind HOWLING!

Around the house….Creativity.

One of my favorite things...Family . . . family. . . .

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Son & girlfriend will arrive very late tonight or early Tuesday. Putting house back together again. (Where's all those kings' horsemen when you really need them?) Friday: Maybe SIL & DD arrive. Saturday: kids & grandkids here for birthday celebration!!!!! Yay! Yay! PTL! & some more Yays! Next Sunday: Easter. C&T will still be here to attend church with us. I wonder if she will do special music? Hope so. . . .

Something you may not know about me...I read newspapers from all around the world @

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