Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Today - April 22, 2009 - Wednesday

This is what "bliss" looks like!
Me, with my 3 kiddos!

Outside My & sunny. Predicted high is 90 degrees!!!! I may have to turn on the AC. . . .

I am thinking...that dial-up is the PITS! It's taken over an hour to get online & only at 25 Kps. . .
I am why dial-up is so pitiful. It just kicked me off (9:16 AM) again & is now trying to connect. I think something in the phone line must have gotten messed up during the recent storms because there's a lot of static in the line when using the phone.

I am thankful for....BFF riding her bike 12 miles in 1 hour! You go, Girl!

From the & cottage cheese & blueberries. I'm not very hungry this morning but know I have to have SOME protein!

I am finish WW paperwork, write welcome, miss you & congratulation cards,take quick trip into town & then do yard work. Or maybe I'll walk into town. After all, it won't be long & it'll be too durn hot to walk to town.

I am wearing...sleeping pants & tee-shirt.

I am reading...more Bible.

I am make important decision.

I am hearing...a few birds & printer humming.

Around the house….still paw prints & dog hair . . . & WW stuff dumped out of my bag 'cause I need to sort through it.

One of my favorite things...Clean floors - which I won't have until next Sunday. There's no sense scrubbing floors when 3 big dogs keep going in and out. It's not their fault the ground is damp.

OK - it's now 9:23 & I'm finally reconnected! Argghh!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Yard work. Select & print photos for HUGE photo collage on wall behind couch. Write thank you notes. Yes - it's remarkably the same as last week. I didn't get much done on this list!

Something you may not know about me...I'm jumping up to see what all 3 dogs are barking at/about

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