Friday, June 20, 2008

Texas GOP Convention

Hubby & I went to the Republican State Convention last week in Houston.

I am no fan of Obama . . . his voting record is more liberal than the self-avowed Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders. Nevertheless, I strongly suspect Obama will be the next president.

There was no excitement for McCain. None. He didn't bother showing up. They just trotted out that tired old video devoted 1/2 time about him being a POW and the other 1/2 about his mama. I don't think ANYONE doubts the fact he is a patriotic, American hero . . . no doubt at all. But our country needs to go forward and not continually look backward. And I guess the fact that his mama is still alive is a good thing to point out: he comes from good genes.

The fact is if die-hard Republicans are not excited about him, how on earth do they expect to get the rest of the country excited? This was the Republican convention, not the Democratic convention, but you couldn't tell by the cars in the parking lot as there were very, very few w/McCain bumper stickers!

At our Congressional Caucus, which had about 160 people, there was not ONE who voted for McCain in the primary. And several big-wigs admitted he wasn't even one of their top three choices!

There were very few young people sporting banners, etc., for McCain. Now the Ron Paul booth had people around it all the time. The Thursday night ice cream social was downright electrifying! Young hippies, old hippies; young and old in suit & tie and everyone in between. It was a great big party! Not so on the convention floor for McCain. Even Roger Williams, the number one Republican dude in Texas, never mentioned McCain by name, only saying we need to support our Republican candidates.

Lots of controversy . . . but the two things the Texas delegates agreed upon was enforcing illegal immigration laws (which McCain is against)and "Drill Here. Drill Now. Lower prices", which I think I heard McCain has finally embraced the idea this week.

I believe with all my heart that hubby and I saw the beginning of the end of the Republican party. And very probably the end of the two-party system, which I'm beginning to think isn't working so well these days. After all, as my 91 year old dad says, "Out of 300+ million people, McCain and Obama are the best we can come up with?" God have mercy on us all!

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