Monday, November 10, 2008

For Today - November 10, 2008 - Monday

Outside My Window...A very drizzly, dreary day.

I am thinking...Some people cannot or else will not be happy for very long. Grumpiness, cynicism, skepticism & discontent become a way of life for them. So sad.

I am thankful for...for seeing family these past 5 days. SIL, DIL, kids & grandkids were SUPERB & very gracious. And I'm most thankful for being back home.

From the kitchen...Scrambled egg whites, FF cheese, low-carb tortilla & handful of grapes. And coffee.

I am wearing...that wonderfully, pathetic chenille robe.

I am going... to write a Treasurer's report for Good Samaritan's board meeting tomorrow.

I am reading...well, I'm looking for a particular book to read. I "know" I had a book titled, "Holy Transformation" by Chip Ingram. You know, when I'm around people who "bring me down" I want to read something to counteract that, less I become like them. Now where IS that book? Here's hoping I haven't given it away!

I am get WW meeting prepared today, since I have GS Board mtg in the morning AND I must get detailed Treasurer's report "dun"!

I am hearing...chickens clucking.

Around the house…Unpacking & putting away.

One of my favorite thingsHOME

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Work on Medicare, etc., stuff for parents; WW prep & meeting; GS "stuff"; find out what I need to do since my bank has been shut down ; walk Shiloh. BTW - he does just fine being "free" while we leave the house for a few hours. We ALL are happy about that!

Something you may not know about me...I bought gas in Houston for $1.74 per gallon!

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