Sunday, November 23, 2008

For Today - November 23, 2008 - Sunday

Outside My's sunny and a wee bit damp.

I am tired I am of a day of shopping!

I am thankful for...getting almost all Christmas shopping done!!!! Still need to get something for my dad and some more stuff for hubby & hopefully can find a Hot Topic store that has grandson's size of pant!!!!! Even online they 're sold out of his size!!!!!!!!!! But everyone else is "dun"!

From the kitchen...I'm smelling coffee!

I am going... to creatively get all the gifts into the Gift Closet!

I am reading...WW December meeting guide.

I am accomplish much today. Get a timetable for Thanksgiving day, etc. Most, if not all, of grocery shopping is done, so will have to clean out/rearrange refrigerator.

I am hearing...Chickens clucking, wind blowing through rose bushes.

Around the house…Much to do . . . much to do . . . company starts arriving Tuesday morning.

One of my favorite things…is having Christmas shopping done! Hubby and I had a great day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Call around, looking for those pants for grandson. Will call Lufkin mall to see if they have them and if so will most likely skip church and head that way.

Something you may not know about me...I always wear out the right handed gardening glove first . . . and have a mixed assortment of "mud gloves" that I end up on my right hand because the "nice" gloves end up with holes in the fingers! Apparently I don't much use my left hand for pulling weeds!

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