Saturday, November 29, 2008

For Today - November 29, 2008 - Saturday

Outside My Window...Drizzly & wet.

I am thinking...that today will be a great day!

I am thankful for...for Tim & Christiy safely getting here at 3:00 AM.

From the kitchen...Tidiness....& lots of food in the refrigerator.

I am going... to get into the shower!

I am wearing...Pink flannels pajamas. With hearts all over them. Once again - let me remind you: I don't do pink & I don't do hearts. These pajamas are an anomaly.

I am reading...

I am hoping...Kevin dried his quilt. I made him a black & white quilt when he graduated. He brought it with him & I washed it for him on Thursday...but forgot to put it into the dryer. He took it back wet, planning on letting it dry in the sun yesterday. I don't think TRF had sun. I don't think they'll have sun today. I hope there's a dryer there in Toon Town!

I am hearing...Birds & computer.

Around the house…Quiet. Murray's at work, kids are sleeping. Dogs are sleeping too.

One of my favorite things…having my family & friends with/around me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The take some more photos outdoors, if it stops raining. A & D want portraits made. I prefer outdoor photography. So today will be perfect if there's no rain. And no sun!

Something you may not know about me...I'm not going to do much Christmas decorating this year. I won't be here for Christmas. No kids will be here. No parties planned. I may go & buy two 4 ft trees, instead of 1 large tree. My nativities will go out . . . but I'm not doing much this year. I plan it to take less than a day to decorate. And as I'm fond of saying, "It will be PERFECT! And if not - it will be just fine."!

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