Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fort Today - November 16, 2008 - Sunday

Outside My's a cold, dark & early morning!

I am thinking...I'm happy to spend the day with my dearest of friends: my hubby.

I am thankful for...central heat!

From the kitchen...Irish Creme coffee.

I am wearing...Navy blue flannel pajamas w/white & light blue snowflakes sprinkled all over them!

I am going... to go to church, probably lunch at Jalepeno Tree, Wal-Mart shopping & home to rest!

I am books AND my camera's manual!

I am just enjoy 'being' with my husband, with no chores I "have" to do. Just being. And enjoying.

I am hearing...Absolutely nothing. The printer is off. The heater is off. Shiloh is in the other room. The chickens & songbirds are still asleep. And the wind's not howling!

Around the house…Orderliness! And the floors got mopped! And the west door got some new weather stripping! Good gosh it was SO drafty! Maybe the windows next?

One of my favorite things…A day of relative "rest"!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Just see, "I Am Going" & "I Am Hoping" . . . !

Something you may not know about me...My husband bought me 2 GB of memory. Actually it's for my computer! I wish "I" could just go buy more memory space for me!!!!!

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