Monday, December 15, 2008

For Today - December 15, 2008 - Monday

Outside my's cold & cloudy & suppose to get colder. The day's high was at midnight. Lots of birds in the roses & they're none too happy.

I am thinking...that life is strange.

I am wondering....why I passed out yesterday.

I am thankful life's soundtrack.

From the kitchen...ripe apples & pears looking quite pretty in the bowl & on the counter.

I am going... to take it easy today.

I am wearing...Freshly washed navy blue flannel pajamas w/gray house slippers t hat look like mice wearing a red Santa hat.

I am reading...not a darn thing.

I am hoping...not to faint today.

I am hearing...the birds chirping & the heater humming. And a ringing in my ears.

Around the house…still just "stuff"

One of my favorite things…a husband who doesn't panic

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The some bills, make bank deposits & WW meeting.

Something you may not know about me...I passed out yesterday. Landed on the floor and according to hubby was out cold for just under 2 minutes. He said my face & limbs were white - no color at all. My eyes were opened, but I wasn't seeing anything. At one point he said I wasn't breathing. I'm not too certain about that, but that's what he said. He pounded on my chest and I woke up to him yelling, "Breathe". I laid on the floor about ten minutes, puking my guts out (fortunately I told him in time to get a pan). Then made my way to the bathroom & puked into the pan while the other end got involved in the drama! Spent several hours cold & clammy, then hot & sweaty & totally exhausted. He told youngest son & daughter tjat he was worried to death. And he doesn't worry. No, I'm not going to the doctor unless it happens again. I knew I was going to faint, and called to him. He got there right when my knees were buckling. I was "dead weight" as he called it and couldn't catch me, so I landed on the back of my head . . . but he must have softened the blow 'cause there's no knot nor pain. So, if I feel faint today, I'll immediately lay down. Planning to spend most of the day in bed/on the couch anyway.

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