Monday, December 8, 2008

For Today - December 8, 2008 - Monday

Outside my Window...Pink skies! Beautiful! And it's cold & supposed to get really, really windy. We're in a lake wind advisory until tomorrow evening.

I am thinking...I want to go back to Natchitoches & let Betty, of Keegan-Cook Bed & Breakfast, adopt me! I like being waited upon & tended to! This picture if on the upstairs landing, right outside our door.

I am wondering....if Kevin made it safely to Kansas.

I am thankful for...getting everything unpacked and put away. I usually drag my feet about that. It's nice to have it done.

From the kitchen...a freezer w/two dozen meat pies. Yes, meat pies from Lasyone's, which looks like it may be pronounced "Lazy Ones", but is French and sounds like, "Lausy Owns". When we went in August, we bought only one, solitary meat pie & shared it on the way home. This time we bought two dozen frozen, to cook at home! They are very tasty & the walls of the little restaurant are covered w/photos of celebrities who've eaten there, including Dolly Parton & John Wayne & many, many others. I can't believe they don't have them all listed at their website site! It is VERY "down-home". There's only one bathroom, shared by both men & women. Taped on the back of the bathroom door (with duct tape, of course!) is a little sign that reads, "Coat Hook" with an arrow pointing to the right, where there's a nail protruding from the wall!

I am going... to have to get Shiloh from the vet, where he's been boarded for 3 nights.

I am velous pants & top w/white turtle neck. Beneath are a pair of Cuddle Duds & leg warmers from the 80's. I kept NOTHING of mine from that time except for two pair of leg warmers. And guess what! They're back! Hubby bought two brand new pair from Target!!! And sox. A pair of shoes yet.

I am reading...WW Getting Started book. The new "Momentum" program was rolled out yesterday.

I am not get side-tracked w/800+ photos I took AND kept on the camera! Yes, some will be deleted, but the majority of the bad ones are already gone! I had FUN snapping parade photos, but got tired from STANDING the whole time. Afterwards I just sat in one of the chairs we brought & snapped pictures of whatever showed up in the view finder, which were LOTS of babies in strollers & peoples legs! Also took a lot of fireworks pictures 'cause I've not done that before & I wanted to practice. I'm hoping to not get sidetracked. I worked on them 9+ hours yesterday, gong to bed after 1 AM.

I am hearing...central heater & printer. Always the same, isn't it, when I blog early in the morning.

Around the house…Trees, garland, & wreath to take back to Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are NOT what I was hoping!

One of my favorite things…is thinking about Brian, Debby & maybe Amanda & David joining us next year in Natchitoches. We already have the entire upstairs reserved!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The practice Getting Started, WW meeting, edit photos of the two sets of twins & email to their grandma. I didn't tell you about them, did I? Two sisters: one with twin boys, one with twin girls. All four are two years old & born a week apart! Oh - and make doctor appointment & shuttle reservation for my dad.

Something you may not know about me...I would live in Natchitoches, Louisiana if I weren't me.

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