Monday, December 29, 2008

For Today - December 29, 2008 - Monday

Outside My Window's dark & cold (30) but suppose to get up to 66 today!

I am thinking...I have lots of household organization to do.

I am much more I'll get done today. Kitchen counters & refrigerator are "dun". I didn't get much done yesterday, but had fun doing it "my" way!

I am thankful for....such a lovely day of rest yesterday.

From the chocolate & magnesium. NO - not together - two different cups.

I am going... to continue in kitchen: drawers and cabinets today. Might even get started in the kitchen den . . . I want/need to set up a mini home office in there.

I am wearing...flannel pajamas.

I am reading...those organizing books by Marcia Ramsland

I am not forget to pick up Shiloh from the clinic where he's been boarded since last Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

I am hearing...central heater just a-humming away. And hubby puttering in the kitchen.

Around the house….a little bit of tidying up waiting for me. I'll get it done before getting Shiloh, although sweeping & vacuuming seems to be a waste of time. He can drag in more dirt than any other dog! Ah - the joy of living in the country w/o paved sidewalk or driveway!

One of my favorite things...Hot chocolate, contented husband & friendly dog. I know it's more than "one" favorite thing . . . . but it is "one" happy feeling!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The insurance agent about rock ding in windshield; make dental & doctor appointment; WW prep & meeting; thank you notes (maybe write them in new mini home office?); decluttering & organization; end of year bookwork for Good Samaritan. Oh! And take down the few Christmas decorations that did make it out of storage!

Something you may not know about me...I changed one of the websites I have listed here. It's "" NOT just plain "pioneerwoman". Why didn't someone tell me?

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  1. what a cute pic of Chloe...
    Did you remember to pick up Shiloh?