Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Today - February 15, 2000 - Sunday

Outside My's dark. It's 6 AM, Sunday. Some habits are hard to break!

I am thinking...I need to make a list of things to go/do today.

I am wondering....why daffodils stand for "unrequited love". All I see is hope, sunshine & love! In these parts it's one of the first signs of Spring.

I am thankful for....yesterday which was "just another ordinary miracle today" as Sarah McLachlan says.

I'm like my mother - give me flowers while I'm alive. So my husband has done just that in the form of flowering plants. Oh - when we were younger he'd give me cut flowers. And candy. And all those Valentine gifts that commercialism says I'm suppose to want. But I'm selfish & greedy! I want flowers year-round! So, he's planted more roses & perennials & bulbs than you would believe! And yesterday, being V'day, he pruned most of the roses. Not the big, wild ones out back, but most of the ones that are in flower beds.

I took the time to call my friend who's been doing my WW meeting for me. She's a little bit older than me & All SHE wanted was for her hubby to make her a card, which he did, & while we were talking HE was out planting potatoes! And it was a perfectly "ordinary miracle" for her. We laughed about how perfect our day was!

When we were younger we'd get dressed up & eat out at fancy restaurants (at least fancy for us) on V'day. And I'd fell badly for the older couples who didn't bother dressing up, etc. Now I know better. Now I know they maybe hadn't dressed up because their day was so full of doing what they REALLY wanted to do that there wasn't time and/or energy to dress up. Maybe they had just come out of a hard time. Or hectic time. Or some type of extraordinary time & being/doing/acting "average & ordinary" was the PERFECT gift for them.

That's what yesterday was: perfectly average & ordinary & I loved it! We didn't even give cards to one another because we agreed before hand to stand at the card counter & look at cards and share and say, "If I was going to buy you a card, this is one I'd buy"! We've done it before . . . . laughing at the funny ones & crying at the serious ones & never buying a single one! We were too tired to do that yesterday. We'll do it today. There won't be as many to choose from & there won't be any crowds. And it will be PERFECT for us for today . . . for this year. Next year I may need presents & cards & all the trappings of this "made up" holiday. But not this year. I just need "him" to be him. With me. Doing the average & ordinary.

From the

I am go to church! Yay! It's been a long time! And pick up sweet Kwabena on the way there. Afterward go to the dreaded WM & maybe Atwoods. Once home, will tidy computer room.

I am wearing...jeans, blouse & sox. .

I am reading..."90 Minutes in Heaven"

I am be able to work in the church nursery. I need to take photos of kids!

I am hearing...hubby, dog, computer, mockingbird & one other bird I don't recognize.

Around the house….orderliness! Yay! Not perfection - which is NEVER the goal . . . but overall tidiness.

One of my favorite being outdoors. Yesterday was a perfect gardening day: not hot, not cold, not windy. It was overcast & required a sweatshirt, but it IS February! And I heard my first Redwing Blackbird. Love them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....I suppose dealing w/the business of death.

Something you may not know about me...Aw - I don't think there's anything left unknown!

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