Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Word Game

Saw this on Amanda's blog & thought I'd play, too!

Using only one word is not as easy as you might think! Now forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard only use one word answers.

Your cell phone? INDESTRUCTIBLE
Your significant other? PERFECT
Your hair? THIN
Your mother? STALWART
Your father? GONE
Your favorite thing? HUBBY
Your dream last night? FORGOTTON
Your favorite drink? WATER
Your dream/goal? SIGNIFICANCE
What room are you in? OFFICE
Your fear? SNAKES
Where do you want to be in 6 years? HEALTHY
Where were you last night? HOME
Something that you aren't? RICH
Muffins? NO
Wish List Item? LENS. BTW Amanda, "Diamond earrings" are NOT one word!

Last thing you did? EMAIL
What are you wearing? PAJAMAS
Your pet(s)? SHILOH
Friends? LOYAL
Your life? BLESSED
Missing Someone? SOMEWHAT
Drinking? COFFEE
Smoking? NO
Your car? PAID
Something you're not wearing? BRA
Your favorite store? AMAZON
Your favorite color? RED
When is the last time you cried? FUNERAL
Where do you go over and over again? HOUSTON
Favorite place to eat? MEXICAN
Favorite place I'd like to be right now? OUTSIDE

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