Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Today; February 4, 2009; Wednesday

Outside My's sunny, sunny & chilly.

I am thinking...that there is much to do, but not exactly certain one order they need to be done.

I am wondering....if daddy watched his funeral yesterday. It was very wonderful, & very much what my dad would have wanted. But as wonderful as it was, it's not nearly as wonderful as heaven. So he maybe didn't bother watching. After all . . . he has other family members, including his great grandson, in heaven & the reunion up there must have surpassed everything going on down here!

I am thankful for....the Air Force being a very big part of the funeral at the cemetery. There was a live bugler playing "Taps", which (to my way of thinking) is the perfect mournful song of homage to a life passing from this life to the next.

From the kitchen...Cinnamon Swirl coffee.

I am catch my breath today & do what needs to be done; not exactly certain what that is.

I am wearing...fleece & black satin slippers.

I am reading...all sorts of information.

I am hoping...Murray gets Shiloh from the clinic!

I am hearing..."Good Morning America", & Charlotte talking to me about her eyes.

Around the house….well, it's Charlotte's house & as usual, everything is pretty much perfect!

One of my favorite things...good closures. For me, it was sitting at the graveside, the Honor Guard folding the flag in front of daddy's silver gray caskets & the pallbearers standing behind. It was the only time I really wished I had the camera w/me. I kept telling myself, "take a picture in your head, take a picture in your head".

Also, staying behind & watching the lowering of the casket & Simon, his family & Murray & me shoveling dirt on the casket. It adds a certain degree of finality. The groundskeepers were kind, friendly & oh so very professional. It was a good thing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....dump out a garage for heavy trash day.

Something you may not know about me...I really, really prefer to stay to the very end of the committal. I think next time I'll stay until the dump truck drives away.

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