Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Today - January 29, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window...It is cold, every bit as cold as yesterday but no wind & no rain . . . just lots of fog.

I am thinking...that I want my phone calling done early in the day . . . main word is "dun".

I am wondering....if H'Stone will help daddy out of his bed today & when, oh when will PT start?

I am thankful for....hubby not being freaked by mess in laundry room.

From the kitchen...Coffee & Ruby Red grapefruits & thoughts about trying a new slow cooker chicken recipe.

I am continue in the laundry room. I ought to buy stock in Stearlite plastic drawers/containers! Really - I love those things. I wonder if Murray would mind getting me a bunch of those for Valentine's Day? They make everything look so neat & tidy.

I am wearing...need I mention it yet again? Fleece! Head to toe fleece. Comfy warm & oh-so stylish : )

I am reading...God - The Enough. Debby thought I'd like it because of an event I told her about years ago. It was some celebratory time of life & Amanda was the only child with me. I was lamenting the boys not being with me & she so sweetly asked, "But aren't I enough?" And then & there I've made a conscience effort to not whine about who or who isn't with me, 'cause yes, Amanda, "you ARE enough". When Debby saw the little devotional book, "God - the Enough", she thought of me & mailed it to me. And indeed, He IS enough. In fact, He's more than enough.

I am make REAL progress in laundry room.

I am hearing...the heater humming. With so many people w/o electricity during this ice-storm, I'm really grateful for heat. A few years ago w/lost electricity because of ice . . . I was okay as long as the sun came out. Cold weather & sunny skies is okay . . . not my preference, but certainly okay. Cold weather & no heat and GLOOMY skies are too much to bear. We broke down & took showers up at the ranch house, which is on a different transformer & had electricity.

Around the house….big messes while I make sense of the Chinese puzzle that the laundry room has become.

One of my favorite things...central heat!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....laundry room decluttering; burn Christmas CD & maybe sort through photos. NO yard work 'cause it's suppose to stay very wintry the rest of the week!

Something you may not know about me...I dreamed last night I was at the hospital, trying to get information about my dad. sigh

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