Monday, January 5, 2009

For Today - January 5, 2008 - Monday

Outside My's a dark, cold & windy morning. Sounds like the beginning of a mystery!

I am thinking...I MUST get some sleep tonight. I've been awake since 3 AM. What is the matter with me?

I am wondering....if Dolores has a spare flip chart. I woke up at 3 remembering I used up the last one. Was it REALLY the last one? I went to closet & sure enough - not another one in there. That did it - I was awake!

I am thankful for....planning out my busy day the night before. Maybe that's why I woke so early? Thinking of busy, busy day? I thought having it all written down was suppose to HELP.

From the kitchen...a very neat a tidy under the sink cabinet!

I am going... to check GS 2008 Quicken; make 3 important phone calls; vacuum before running errands.

Errands: Deliver donations; Bank 1; Bank 2; Bank 3; Adjust glasses; work J'ville WW.

I am flannel pajamas

I am reading...another book by Marcia Ramsland. I think it's called "Organize Your Life".

I am stay awake & be PLEASANT, even though not enough sleep.

I am & heater humming; Hubby in kitchen.

Around the house….floors needing to be vacuumed. We bought Shiloh an $8.98 rawhide bone. It is HUGE, he couldn't even fit through the doorway with it! Half of it is gone. Gone! And my dog doesn't even have a mouthful of teeth!!!!! Anyway - he's left crumbs all over the living room floor.

One of my favorite the fact that so many of my family members are writers. Above pix is grand daughter. It's all about the communication!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....lots of working for WW; lots of errands; probably lots of phone calls; I guess mainly work, exercise, walk dog, & continue reorganizing. And start application for nursing home. For my dad. Not me. Not yet.

Something you may not know about me...I organized desk in computer room. Left side is Murray's, right side is mine. Front half is CLEAR of everything except what I'm currently working on. Afterward it gets filed away. A cleared off desk makes me happy.


  1. Have fun this week working for WW. This is my first January off in 9 years. I don't think that I will miss the 'busyness' of the month, just the $$$$.
    Don't forget to get a pic of Shiloh with the bone.....

    cute pen in Abigal's pic.............

  2. Yeah - a real cute pen! Amanda made note cards for the females & gave a cute pen to EVERY one except me!

    It just wouldn't be right if I didn't continue teasing her about it . . . you gave the PERFECT opportunity to do so!

  3. Handmade notecards! I'm going to get a pen to you one of these days....

  4. That's right - not just any old notecards "handmade". . . . and they're so cute!!

    LOL - I knew just mentioning that pen would bug you! The way I look at it is that David's too busy with school, he probably doesn't have time to tease you . . . . so I have to fill in!!!