Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For Today - January 21, 2009

Outside My a cold, sunny morning. There's frost on the ground. Did I already mention the fig & apple trees have buds & the lemon tree blossoms? Lemon tree is in a pot right up against the south side of the house & so far has survived. I'll take a look at the lavender this morning to see how it's doing.

I am thinking...I have a lot of little things to do today.

I am wondering....if Kwabena made it safely to J'ville & if David made it safely back hme.

I am thankful for....a good WW meeting last night. Only 45, but in this economy & it being inaugural day, I'm pleased with the numbers.

From the kitchen...A fresh pot of coffee & a Gala apple. Not too hungry but had to eat something. Maybe I'll have a more substantial snack later in the morning.

I am do WW paperwork. I was tired last night & didn't do it. I also have lots of "miss you" care to write. Plus at least 3 phone calls regarding dad's PT. Errands in town.

I am flannels pajamas w/hearts.

I am

I am hoping...our new president makes wise decisions based on information that only the president & a few others know about. It's easy for any of us to say what we'd do . . . . when we don't have all the known facts.

I am hearing...birds chirping, heater & printer humming & coffee maker gurgling.

Around the house….I need to figure out what to do w/WW product. Maybe will test out bed risers AME gave me to see if I can store beneath guestroom bed.

One of my favorite a peaceful transition of powers. Regardless of one's political persuasion, it's the envy of the world that we can have such a civil change over.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Start/complete some WW paperwork regarding 2008 material; take GS' completed paperwork to judge; bank deposit; organize half/bath's cabinet. Maybe work in yard on Thursday? High is suppose to be 74! To pray for Dianne, whom the doctors' think has colon cancer.

Something you may not know about me...I clean my eyeglasses every day. You almost never catch me w/smudges on me glasses!

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