Sunday, January 4, 2009

For Today - January 4, 2008 - Sunday

Outside My Window....dark, dark, dark. It's once again 4:something.

I am thinking...I must be related to birds. I so easily fall asleep early & wake early.

I am people learned to give dogs hydrogen peroxide for poisoning? Who was the first person to think of that?

I am thankful for....Shiloh seeming to be just fine after eating 2 partial packages of mouse/rat poison.

From the kitchen...underneath sink cabinet is waiting for me to put stuff back. Multi-tasking is SO over-rated! I emptied out cabinet while on the phone yesterday . . . . lots & lots of phone calls & of course I couldn't work on sales & other-end-of-year stuff for GS while on the phone. So I got the bright idea to empty out the cabinet. But I didn't wash it out & put it all back & Shiloh either got into some poison that I inadvertently left in the cabinet or maybe he snatched it off the counter? Either way - I'm glad he doesn't like cardboard 'cause that's the only way I knew he'd eaten the poison . . . . gnarly, yukky half-chewed containers left in two different rooms of the house.

I am going... to finish cleaning kitchen sink cabinet. Multi-tasking is SO over-rated.

I am wearing...comfort robe.

I am reading...another book by Marcia Ramsland. I think it's called "Organize Your Life".

I am have a drama-less day. And maybe take night time photos in town before they take down decorations.

I am humming.

Around the house….a dog sleeping soundly & a husband, too

One of my favorite things...NOT accidentally killing my dog! Multi-tasking is so very over-rated.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....lots of working for WW; lots of errands; probably lots of phone calls; I guess mainly work, exercise, walk dog, continue reorganizing. I knew it seems like I'm really slow cleaning/organizing, but I don't get so overwhelmed if I take it easy & do just a little at a time. For instance, besides taking it slowly in the kitchen, I also went through my sock drawer. Aren't you proud of me? You gotta' love the WW motto: Progress, not perfection! It helps keep me sane.

Something you may not know about me...I have an awesome daughter! After I realized Shiloh ate the poison, I gave her a call. She told me to give him hydrogen peroxide until he threw up. Then afterward would have to give him Vitamin K. Her husband suggested I call our vet & he told me the same thing, just adding a few relatively inconsequential details: Start with a syringe of 3 tablespoons of H202 & maybe give 3 times to produce needed results. Same advice about the Vitamin K. He added to look in vomit for pellets/granules. Yep - there they were - little green pellets. And nope - I didn't take a picture :)

Thanks Amanda! You did great!!!!! I really was ready for bed & didn't want any more drama in my day. If you had not been so nicely persistent, we probably would have trusted that his massive body weight was enough to save him, & not taken the time to go through the procedures. As it is - he cleaned out his stomach (fortunately it had been hours since he ate food), slept well & now seems to be doing just very doggy fine! You're the best!!!! Regarding doggy poisoning - you're as smart as a veterinarian!


  1. Poor Shiloh!! I am glad that Amanda was there to guide you through this.
    Aren't you done with the kitchen cabinets yet?You have inspired me to finish mine when I get back from our trip...I'll have it done by summer.

  2. No, I'm not done. I'm taking my time. If I tear up the kitchen all at one time I get too anxious & stress. A drawer here, a cabinet there & I'm "good to go".

    LOL - at the rate I'm going I might not have mine done until summer!