Thursday, January 15, 2009

For Today - January 15, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window....chirping birds, sunlight & a cold morning, although not as cold as it has been.

I am nice it is not to have so many errands to run today. Just meet Kay in town for lunch & the signing of FEMA papers for GS.

I am wondering....what to fix for supper.

I am thankful for....visiting with David last night. He had some business to tend to in east TX & came for a visit. Since I had been in Tyler all day, I was really thankful to have some sausage kolaches in the freezer to fix for supper. Just added a salad & considered it a simple supper that he appreciated.

From the kitchen...French Vanilla coffee

I am some filing, & general tidying of the house. Maybe clean the bathrooms too. And wash a load of darks. I might even work on the "Week in My Life" album.

I am wearing...fleece from top to bottom!

I am reading...Well, I've finished the books by Marcia Ramsland. I finished two of them while waiting at the doctor's on Monday. BTW - diagnosis regarding fainting on 12/14/08? It was a vasovagal reaction. And exactly what does that mean? I "fainted". Yep - that's what he said! Three hours at the doctor, an exam & EKG & that's the official diagnosis. Now I remember why I don't like going to doctors. He told me EXACTLY what I told him!!! Even said it could have been caused by the things I suggested: stress of the week before or picked up a virus while sitting with daddy in the hospital.

At least I now have a new doctor & he has a baseline of my heart. And it "was" good news, wasn't it?

I am talk to sil & hear about her wonderful trip to Mexico.

I am hearing...birds chirping & heater keeping me warm. Where's a hot flash when you need one???

Around the house….the laundry room is waiting for me to start tackling it. Fat chance of that happening any time too soon!

One of my favorite things...Today, tomorrow & the next day. I know that's three things, but the combination is what I like. I can get my thoughts around those 3 days that I sometimes have a modicum of control over.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....GS board meeting, hair cut, dentist, etc. are all "dun"! Now I need to make wise use of today & tomorrow. If it warms up I just might cut back the perriennials. I have lots - they may be my most favorite types of flowers. They look TOTALLY dead during the winter & come back to life in the Spring.

Something you may not know about me...I have very few cavities. My gums are shot to heck - but my teeth are healthy, except for that stupid one in the front that's perpetually stained. I think it's because it's a "dead" tooth, having a root canal in it decades ago. "Charm is decietful & beauty fades" is a true statement.

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