Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've Been Tagged - 16 Things

I was recently "tagged" on an online group to list 16 quirky and/or interesting things about me.

Some of these you will recognize because you either know me or have been reading this blog.

But here's what I wrote.

"1. I married my high school friend. He didn't become my sweetheart until shortly after graduation. I got into some poison ivy & had a terrible reaction. My then boyfriend called to come over & I told him "no, I look awful, etc." & he agreed it would be best to stay away.

Then my guy-pal called , also wanting to come over & I told him the same story. His response? "It sounds like you need some ice cream. I'm on my way over." And he hung up. And I stomped my feet, wondering aloud who he thought he was. And I put mascara on my horribly swollen eyes. And we went out for ice cream. And right then and there I realized how utterly irresistible (& attractive) unconditional love is.

We'll be married 40 years, August 2009. This is a favorite story w/my oldest son & my grandchildren.

2. I am a Christian, raised Missouri Synod Lutheran, spent years non-denominational & now a Baptist.

3. There's 12 years between my 1st & 2nd child & 18 months between the 2nd & 3rd.

4. I used to be a hippie and still have some hippie tendencies.

5. I once drove from Washington, DC to Houston with a 4 year old son & 14 cats.
In a VW Bug!

6. My chicken coop, known as the Poultry Palace (but still smells like a chicken coop) has a storm door & a picture window which looks out onto a small lake.

7. It's been over 5 years since I lost 62#, kept it off & am now a WW leader.

8. Even though I'll soon be 59, I was raised on organic food & homegrown beef. My parents (now 87 & 92) grew up poor & couldn't afford chemical fertilizers, so they kept doing things the old-fashioned way. Even after the War & moving to the city, they continued to do without fertilizers, thinking it was a waste of money. I grew up knowing how to compost. I think my healthy upbringing (& obvious good genes) are the reasons I don't take any prescription meds.

8. Our yard is a certified wildlife habitat. I have the sign to prove it. It comes in mighty handy when the yard has been horribly neglected. ; )

9. I am a certified Master Gardener.

10. One of my best birthday gifts was a dump truck load of mushroom compost from my hubby.

11. I don't particularly like jewelry. I have only one really good piece. The rest is costume. I'd rather have a new camera lens or accessory. Or mulch or compost. Or a trip. Just about anything else.

12. I like starting things more than finishing them.

13. Before he received our blessings, our future son-in-law was asked to read "GRITS", "Girls Raised in the South". And yes, I'm serious and no, it's not a joke! Texans take their Southern heritage quite seriously! ; )

14. I volunteer at our local Food Pantry, The Good Samaritan, where I'm also the treasurer. More & more people are coming in for food, but our community keeps pitching in & there seems to always be enough money to buy food. Unfortunately the East Texas Food Bank is running low on food.

15. I loathe, detest, & generally abhor shopping.

16. Only if it evokes emotions from me, am I very happy with my photos. I guess that's why I seldom take very good landscapes."

An overwhelming number of folks' favorite entry is #1. Me, too!


  1. Your sister loves number one too!! You do have a amazing love story and it has stood the test of time............
    You were just crazy for doing number 5.
    Number 7- I didn't realize that it was 62 pounds lost... I am so proud of you and I remember the day I gave you your lifetime charm in my Friday meeting. You go girl...
    Learned something in number 8 that I didn't know.
    All of these things make up my beautiful and hilariously funny sister-in-law who I consider my Sister and we dropped the -in-law a long time ago..

  2. LOL - no not crazy to do number 5 - just very young! Now I can't even imagine driving to Houston in a Bug!

    It was originally 45#, but then I decided I wanted the 50# magnet. Just kept going after that . . . very slowly!

    Yeah - glad we dropped the in-law/out-law! LOL I'm equally glad to have you for MY sister, Sista!