Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Today - January 20,2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window...the beginnings of a sunny, though chilly & windy day. And yes, the birds are chirping.

I am thinking...I look like the poster child for depression, although I'm not depressed. I've been sick. And unlike the women in the movies, I do not look one bit charming when sick!

I am wondering....if youngest son has made it safely to Arizona.

I am thankful for....finally felling a whole lot better

From the kitchen...Coffee

I am going...to take a shower & work on WW meeting.

I am wearing...you don't want to know . . .

I am reading...WW meeting guide

I am hoping...to continue feeling better.

I am hearing...the wind howling & birds playing in it.

Around the house….there's not much going on. There's much to do . . . such as vacuuming & sweeping, but I'm not committing to doing that today.

One of my favorite things...is that minty fresh feeling!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....WW meeting; start/complete some WW paperwork regarding 2008 material; take GS' completed paperwork to judge; bank deposit; organize half/bath's cabinet. Maybe work in yard on Thursday? High is suppose to be 74!

Something you may not know about me...I don't eat beef very often. Having eaten the best (home-raised) most store-bought beef is unpleasant to me. Of course if you offer to pay, I might go out & order a steak at a fine restaurant!

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