Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For Today - January 7, 2008 - Wednesday

Outside My's dark & cold.

I am thinking...I need to quickly tidy house.

I am wondering....if we need name change papers to continue on with Dad's VA med application?

I am thankful for....planners. I didn't use one last year . . . . only used a weekly calendar. I think it's better to go back to my daily planner. All I need to do now is get into the routine of looking at it before I leave the house! :)

From the kitchen...a dishwasher waiting to be turned on.

I am going... to town today & speak before the Rotary Club about WW. I also will need to go to FBC & fill in weights on two new members' registration cards before mailing. Yep - had a new receptionist who did a great job, except for that one, not-so-little, thing.

I'll also stop by new doctor's office and give him my medical file I picked up Monday. My doctor moved her practice to Longview & now I need to find a new doctor. The new one is a man. My old one was female. I wonder how easily I'll adapt to a male physician. I loved Dr. Laura.

I am wearing...comfort robe & Cuddl Duds

I am reading...PR literature in preparation for today's Rotary meeting.

I am get lots done today.

I am & heater humming; & my tummy growling.

Around the house….there's a pretty good sense of order. I've come to realize there's mainly only two housekeeping jobs I need to do regularly. 1. Keep floors clean. 2. Keep all other horizontal surfaces clear & clean. That means no laundry piles on couches. No paper piles on counters. No dishes in sink. Etc. You get the idea. There still many things to do . . . but my brain more readily excepts there's only TWO jobs to keep up with. Strange psychology, I know, but it works for me.

The first time I realized I had to keep things super simple in my head was when I stopped smoking years & years ago. It freaked me out to think of quitting a pack a day habit. Then it dawned on me, I DIDN'T have to quite 1+ PACK a day...I just had to quit ONE CIGARETTE . . . that being the NEXT one. Suddenly it seemed very doable. All I had to do was quit ONE. The same idea works for housework . . . . only TWO jobs. I need to remember to break down other seemingly "insurmountable" tasks in a similar fashion.

One of my favorite receiving email updates from our local, albeit weekly newspaper. Here is this morning's example: "A Breaking News story has just been posted at
Enclosed is a sample of the story.

"Lunch Menus: Jan. 7-13

Menus for Meals on Wheels and Rusk ISD "

I love living in a place where the lunch menu is "breaking news". It's so much nicer than murders, rapes, etc!!!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....I guess mainly work, exercise, walk dog, & continue reorganizing. And continue VA nursing home application for dad. And application for VA medical benefits for him. He wants that right now. Not going to happen "right now", as we're dealing w/the government & that stuff doesn't happen overnight. I'm reminded of the old adage. "If you want apples today - when do you plant an apple tree? Answer: 10 years ago!!!! "

Something you may not know about me...I am perceived as being an "euthymic, cooperative, well dressed, well groomed patient demonstrating excellent insight & judgment." At least that's what my previous doctor wrote on my medical charts under the heading of "Physical Exam - Psychiatric".

I had to look up definition of "eythymic" . . . . it means

(1) Normal, non-depressed, reasonably positive mood; joyfulness; mental peace; tranquility.

(2) Neutral mood, or the absence of depressive or manic cycle (as experienced by people with bipolar disorder).

Not only is this something you may not know about me. It's something "I" didn't know about me. This is a good report indeed.

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