Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Today - January 22, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My a warm, sunny, blue-sky kind of day. There's lots of mullein & shepherd's purse in the yard. Mullein has long, velvety leaves. During the Civil War the Confederates used it to line their holey shoes. It's also good for coughs. The last time Kevin was here we dried some leaves & made a tea for him to get the crud up. He took the rest of the dried leaves with him.

The Shepherd's Purse was/is used to stop hemorrhages of all kinds: stomach, lungs, uterus, kidney. It's also good at stopping external bleeding.

Oh - and there's a heron flying over the house.

I am thinking
...I don't want to go to Houston, even though it will be a pleasure trip for me & someone is taking us out to Spencer's Steak House. I'd rather stay home & work in the yard if it's going to be pretty weather. But I'm going to Houston. It will good.

I am wondering....if the chickens are staying out of my flower beds. I let them out of the chicken yard & they were curious about me working in the beds. They're weren't at all like Chicken Little, fussing about danger. They were very curious about me & I had to chase them out with a rake. They didn't run very far away. Murray has very brave hens indeed!

I am thankful for....this gorgeous spring-like day. I don't suppose it's really spring, since it's just the end of January, but it is a very nice respite.

From the kitchen...a beautiful purple cabbage. I'm going to make homemade cole slaw. I don't know what else, but for sure cole slaw.

I am organize beneath the half bath. I have some Sterlite plastic drawers & I think they'll work just fine. I've been a big fan of using what you have & repurposing stuff. Right now the hair cutting stuff is in a worn out (although gorgeous) leather box purse. Other stuff may be in an old tin or whatever. The only thing wrong with this set-up, is that the containers, etc., are not uniform & there ends up being wasted space. So the "made in the USA" Sterlite is coming to my rescue.

I am fleece pants, black "Curves" tee-shirt & walking shoes.

I am

I am get most of my packing done tonight.

I am hearing...the Texas State train & birds & chickens. And cars. It's 5:30 PM & there's people coming home from work.

Around the house….the floors need a really good sweeping/vacuuming.

One of my favorite a good day's work out in the yard. With my dog tagging along with me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Pack, travel, eat out, lie in bed & watch HGTV!

Something you may not know about me...I listen to Phantom of the Opera when I'm baking.

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