Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Today - February 25, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My Window... it's dark . . . once again early in the morning.

I am thinking... I better get moving in the right direction: South!

I am wondering... if we'll get mama all moved in & set up in time to make it back home at a decent hour.

I am thankful for....
this year's daffodils & other jonquils. This mosaic may be the last posting of yellow flowers!

From the kitchen...
there's lots of grapefruits & bananas.

I am going...
to make a quick day trip to Houston.

I am wearing...
what used to be called wind pants & a striped t-shirt

I am reading... finishing up "90 Minutes in Heaven" . . . you'd think a book about heaven would be a bit more interesting! Actually the part about heaven IS interesting . . . it's all the other stuff about his recovery that is BORING me to tears. I don't care. I've been around the block more than once and already know that God uses all sorts of bad things to fulfill His purposes in our lives & the lives of others.

I am hoping...
to get mama moved in & set up w/out any hiccups. Yeah - right. I better not forget that last sentence I wrote in above entry. ;)

I am hearing...
computer scanning, running virus check, etc. Either I'm on the computer at the same time every day or this thing has OCD

Around the house….
a stool, my tool box, Mikita, etc., waiting by the front door, waiting to go out with me.

One of my favorite things...
A hot beverage so early in the morning. It can be hot coffee. It can be hot tea. Heck - it can even be hot chocolate. Just so long as it's HOT

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week.... Get mama moved in and set up, wait to hear back from insurance companies, gather up "A Week in My Life" stuff to take & scrapbook with Judy. Oh . . . and do WW meeting prep. It's time to go back to work!

Something you may not know about me... I now get only ONE CHANNEL on my TV. Before all this high falutin' digital c**p, we had two - sometimes three. Now just one . . . even with the converter box just one channel: NBC.

Thank you US government for screwing up one other aspect of life.

Yes - I love sarcasm.

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