Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Today - October 16, 2008 - Thursday

Outside My Window...the above photos! I was talking to CAP while snapping pix of the rain on roses. Cows & red leaves are from afternoon walk.

Plus those little birds I'm ALWAYS writing about in the roses bushes outside the room. Hubby didn't know what room that is & I had to explain it is my sewing/computer room. ; )

I am thinking...Shiloh really likes going on walks as he walks very nicely on the leash. Today we stopped and talked w/Maxine for a while & I don't know if he sat or stood because he was so mannerly and unobtrusive!

I am thankful for...Charlotte taking care of VA paperwork for the folks. And I'm glad she procrastinated for a little while 'cause it looks as if they will have extra medical expenses we didn't originally know about. Sometimes punctuality is highly over-rated!

I am wearingjeans, tee shirt, walking shoes.

I am creating . . . a real mess moving everything out of armoire & hall tree in preparation for Jeremy coming over to help me move them.

I am goingto pray for both my sons: oldest is on his way home from Philippines, where he's tired of being treated as a "rock star", & youngest is on his way home from Kansas to TX...TRF to be exact.

I am reading "Photoshop Elements 5 for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby.

I am hopingHubby's physical therapy & traction will give him relief from his herniated disk.

I am hearingthose little birds out back & chickadees out front & geese flying overhead.

Around the house…Just some picking up to do . . .

One of my favorite things
all my family being in the same time zone!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....finish some scrap book pages; reorganize scrap booking supplies; get dining room ready for Jeremy.

Something you may not know about me. . . I have a friend who calls me every morning on her way to work. Yay Verizon to Verizon . . .

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