Sunday, October 19, 2008

For Today - October 20, 2008 - Monday

Outside My Window...sunny & chilly & birds chirping with joy. Front meadow showing signs of destruction from the wild hogs. Neighbors across the street and over one, have MAJOR yard damage from the evil varmints.

I am thinking...I will not go to Indianapolis as two days after getting back home I need to go to Houston and load up oldest son's things he wants from my parents' home. Then visit w/parents & early Friday morning head to DFW. Saturday a family day? Sunday the mandatory WW Innovations. Hopefully can change to attend the one in Dallas instead of almost 2 hour drive to Waco & afterwards 2 1/2 hours back home. Would make it so much nicer to just attend the one in Dallas.

I am thankful for... God and His mercy to me in all things.

From the kitchen . . . hopes of making that yummy butternut squash/carrot soup. It really is "comforting" AND tasty. Also a bit labor intensive, shredding 3 cup squash (it's a hard winter squash) & carrots.

I am wearingit's almost 8:30 & I'm still in my favorite robe.

I am goingto move scrapbooks into den, where there's currently Field Guides & original nature art by oldest grandson. Those will be moved to other end of couch & scrapbook albums will take their place as the cabinet is deep enough for them to nicely fit. We'll try that for a while.

I am reading ..."Photoshop Elements 5 for digital photographers" by Scott Kelby. I've also been back to reading my Bible. There's no way I'll finish it in a year . . . but I just skipped ahead and continue on.

I am hopingto get a good list made for the rest of the week as there's much to be done. AND hoping to buy a Lexmark x8350 printer/scanner/FAX. Will have to check Consumer Reports and see what they say, but it would be nice to be able to print really high quality photos at home every now and again. Friends at church have this model & it does excellent photo printing. . . will have to check it out.

I am hearingbirds, old HP Laserjet printer humming along.

Around the house…Waiting for a good, thorough cleaning.

One of my favorite things
my family. I wish we all lived closer to one another. Yeah - I know - I'm the one out by myself.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Scrpbooking supplies will have to wait to be organized so door will just stay shut!

Monday: walk dog, housework, need to have WW meeting completely done for tomorrow; make a very menu & shopping list for this week;
list of chores for David to do (I love you David - thanks for offering to help me); Tuesday: haircut/color...Office shop... bank...Salon Kalea for BE eyeshadow...Hobby Lobby?...WW meeting...possibly no dog walking done...Wednesday: write Miss U work...Thursday: get ready for AME & DAE...bake favorite vegetarian lasagna...Friday: Hopefully put David to work rehanging shutters that Ike blew off & trimming Hollies.'s hard to plan too much for him 'cause they always sleep in so late when glad they get good rest. Saturday: Jeremy comes back to help w/chicken coop roof repair...& lots of cooking for church's homecoming on Sunday; Sunday: Church!

Something you may not know about me. . . It's been so long since I've done any baking, I had to go out and buy almost ALL new ingredients to make the banana bread! Except for the vanilla. I have a friend whose husband goes fishing in Mexico & comes back w/huge bottles of vanilla . . . for $3/bottle. A bottle lasts a long, long time!

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