Sunday, October 19, 2008

For Today - October 19, 2008 - Sunday

Outside My Window...dark & chilly

I am thinking...I might go to Indianapolis the first weekend in November for Murray's aunt's 80th birthday. She's the only aunt left on his mom's side of the family & we haven't kept in touch w/the 2 from his dad's side, so it might be nice.

I am thankful for... it being Sunday & having that furniture moved. CAP was right - those furniture sliders make it SO much easier than using a dolly. Jeremy was a big help & will come back next Saturday to help reroof part of the chicken coop, that Ike damaged.

From the kitchen . . . 12 mini loaves of banana bread waiting to go into the freezer. It took TWO weeks for those green bananas to ripen!

I am wearingjeans & tee shirt as I hope to go walking before getting ready for church.

I am goingto have to figure out where I'm going to store/display scrapbook albums since I moved them out of armoire. And shelves, where they used to be, are now filled w/something else. The problem is they are wider than most book shelves and stick out over the edge. Hmmm.

I am reading "Photoshop Elements 5 for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby' Ali Edwards blog &

I am hopingto get spaghetti made. Kwabenay is NOT coming with us today as he is, quoting from him, "far, far away. . . in Dallas". ; )

I am hearingthe printer humming & that's about it as it's too early for the birds. That's something, isn't it? Getting up before the birds. What kind of crazy lady am I?

Around the house…Not quite as many messes. Nothing that can't be tidied up rather quickly. Except for It's a BIG mess 'cause I haven't begun to redo it.

One of my favorite things
well, yesterday I was talking about liking the little details of home decorating. This is a puzzlement to me 'cause I don't really care at all about things being dusty. This doesn't make sense, since I like the details. I'm pretty sure "dust" is NOT one of the details I like. I think I'm contradicting myself. Or else I'm merely a contradiction.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....Well, I never did reorganize scrapbooking supplies, but DID get DR furniture moved. I may make 8 more mini loaves of banana bread. Will probably spend Sunday School time tidying the church's nursery & library since I'm in charge of both of them. Homecoming is next Sunday & things need to be spic and span.

Something you may not know about me. . . I was born with a heart murmur.

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